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Faq Section

  • Usage inquiries
  • Shipping Inquiries
    • Q: What are your shipping costs?
      • A: You can view an estimate of shipping costs by going to your cart and click on the Shipping Estimate button. You need to enter your zip code into shipping calculator window box for the accurate quote. International buyers will be able to see the shipping rate during the order process after adding all the desired items into the shopping cart.
    • Q: How do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico?
      • A: We use USPS priority service with a minimal surcharge.
    • Q: Do you ship outside USA?
      • A: Yes, we do. We ship worldwide at a very competitive rate. Note that we ship international packages mostly with USPS priority international service, with express mail being an alternative.
    • Q: What does the best table rate entail?
      • A: The best table rate is our most competitive rate where all domestic shipments are sent by either UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, or USPS Priority at our discretion. And international shipments will most likely be sent by USPS priority international mail.
    • Q: Can I have different shipping and billing addresses?
      • A: Orders with different shipping and billing addresses may be held for up to 2 weeks for security reason. If a domestic buyer wishes to avoid the delay for purpose of sending the item as a gift, please contact us.
  • Payment Inquiries
    • Q: We just incorporate Paypal Website Payment Standard for more secure credit card payment for you. How to pay?
      • A: Credit card payers, first, please have your card present, to make sure correct card information is entered corrected. Select the following option during checkout. And then you will need to select "Don't have a PayPal account?" option in order to check out with your credit card.
        Finally you will be presented with secured credit card acceptance page that is familiar to you.
    • Q: Pending, unconfirmed, or unverified payment status?
      • A: If your very first order is unconfirmed or unverified, it may be held for up to 1 to 2 weeks for security reason. In order to avoid the delay and assist our effort of combating Card-Not-Present internet fraud, we need two forms of documents from you to prove you are the real credit card owner. 
        1. a photo of your credit card that you use for payment with blacking out the middle 8 digits. Sample showing below: 
        2. please download the payment authorization form, fill, and send it back with the CC photo to us by fax (18478906099) or email (DIECASTENVY@GMAIL.COM) at your discretion. All the orders with pending payment would not be processed until the payment is cleared.
    • Q: Why was my credit card not working or declined? PayPal Direct Payment Error (15005) or (15004)?
      • A: Please make sure that you enter your credit information correctly. Sometimes if you have a different shipping address than billing address, your issuing bank or PayPal might not like it. For error 15004, PayPal claims that “The transaction was declined because the CVV entered does not match the credit card.” For error 15005, PayPal claims that “The transaction was declined by the issuing bank, not PayPal. The merchant should attempt another card.”
    • Q: What form of payment do you accept? What name should money orders and checks be payable to?
      • A: We do accept all the major credit cards excluding Discovery and American Express. In addition, we accept money order, bank’s cashier’s checks and personal checks. Before you make mail your payment, please contact us for arrangement as well as payable to information via
    • Q: My shipping address is in California. Do I have to pay CA sales taxes?
      • A: All CA Residents must pay 7.75% TAX as our effort to collect tax for CA state Finance and Tax department.
  • Order Inquries
    • Q: How can I view the status of my order?
      • A: After you complete your order, you will receive an email confirmation, which contains a link to your current order status page. Or once your log into our web site, you can also check all your orders on the account history page by directing to
    • Q: Can I get a volume discount on my larger order?
      • A: We occasionally offer quantity discount on selected items, such promotional information will be communicated through email to all of our newsletter subscribers. If you want to set up a VIP account, please contact us at
    • Q: I have an item on back order that is not in stock. When and how will it be communicated and shipped?
      • A: We are filling back orders in the order we received and we will honor a maximum of 3 months back order. Therefore if we are not able to ship by the end of 3 months, our system will refund you automatically with a notice of cancellation. If we do have the back ordered item available within 3 months, you will get notified and order will be shipped as soon as it is available.
    • Q: The item(s) I received was damaged! What should I do and expect?
      • A: Please notify us within 3 days via email. Please include as much information as possible including order number. More importantly, make sure you take some photos of the cardboard box and the damaged item so we will be able to assist better. We will mostly likely to replace it for you if we have stock available or full refund of the item price. For all the international orders, we will only be able to determine the fair value loss as a result of the damage and offer a partial refund, given the international shipping is expensive and destroying the purpose of return.
    • Q: How do I return my item when it’s not as described or damaged?
      • A: In all the returns acceptable to our policies, you must contact us first for a Return Authorization Number or a written permission via email. Any packages returned to us without the above will be refused and returned to you. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. We will be responsible for shipping cost of replacement to you however buyer is responsible for returning the false article to our designated site regardless of cause.
  • Product Inquiries
  • Other Inquiries
    • Q: How do I share the product I like with my friends?
      • A: Go to the product detail page of any product you like, use the social bookmark link on the page to share with your friends. It has capability to be linked to all the major social sites such as facebook, twitter, digg, mySpace. You can also email the link with one click.
    • Q: Why do I write a review?
      • A: We’d love to hear from you and other members would also be benefited very much by your review. So be sure to write a review for the item you just received by clicking Write a Review button. More importantly, we periodically send out prizes for those of you who are actively sharing with others. Please kindly note that Diecast Envy prohibits posting any links to inappropriate images or websites, offensive language. "Inappropriate" and "offensive" include, but are not limited to, sexually oriented language, sexually suggestive language, sexually abusive language, harassment, defamation, vulgarity, obscenity, profanity, racial material, ethnic material, or gender-based material. Being considerate to other members of all ages in our site is greatly appreciated.
    • Q: I have a good idea for a FAQ topic or question, what do I do?
      • A: Simple, write to us and we will include your idea so other members can benefit from your input.
  • Return Inquiries
    • Q: How do I return if my order received damaged?
      • A: Contact us via email or Contact Us form, and provide details on what the problem is. Please submit photos if possible.
        We will try to handle the return case for you ASAP. 
        Once the return approved, customers are required to return the merchandise on the original condition and quantity on your own expense within 3 business days.
        Using tracking number is recommended.
        Once we receive and inspect the merchandise, the original price (not including postage) will be refunded to you in 3 business days.