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World Famous 24 Hours Le Mans Originated From France

 Le Mans (Le Mans) is located in Paris, France, southwest about 200km at a population of about 200,000 commercial city. This small city famous throughout the world, since 1923 (1936, 1940 except for 1948), held in June each year is known as the hardest, most boring individual events - the Le Mans 24 hours endurance "(French for 24 HEURES of DU MANS).

LeMans History
 Le Mans (Le Mans) is located approximately 200 kilometers southwest of Paris, France, is a population of about 200,000 commercial city. The reason why this small city famous throughout the world, mainly because of the Le Mans 24 hour race held in June each year (French 24 Heures du Mans). Le Mans 24 hour race with the World Formula One Championship (F1), the World Rally Championship (WRC) and known as the world's most famous and most difficult of the three major car races. Since the first competition was held in 1923, except the years before and after World War II (1936,1940-1948 did not take place), Le Mans endurance race has never been interrupted.
File:Aston Martin DBR9 24h200702.JPG

To Make Winning One
 Unlike other motorsport depot only need to create one of the fastest car, the Le Mans endurance racing is a racing both speed and stability. It also must be very fuel-efficient ·: as little as possible in the game pitstop win.
The the Mulsanne track long straights, the depot needs to be done to good effect of an air racing; but also both the advantages of fuel-efficient, and to comply with the general direction of development of the automobile in the 21st century. Therefore, many depots to Le Mans as a new car test performance and endurance place. The test results can also put it into a higher level of racing.

Racing Division
 Models to participate in the World Car Endurance Championship (World Endurance ChamPionship) is a Group C sports car prototype (Sports Prototype). Such vehicles can take turns driving. The car can be divided into two levels: LMP and GT group. LMP in accordance with the speed, weight and other factors into LMP1 and of LMP2. Similarly the GT group was divided into the GT1 and GT2 class.

Tracks Introduction
 Endurance Championship race 1000km, 1610km, 5000km and 8050km, time 6h, 12h and 24h; the most famous of which 1000km car race and the Le Mans 24-hour automobile endurance contest. From 1984
The provisions of the FISA, the group C truck re not less than 850kg for the 100km race fuel consumption of no more than 60L. In 1992, FISA also requires that the Group C cars all non-supercharged engine, the general schedule for the 480km. Enduro endurance performance of motor vehicles and drivers are an extreme test, which is a tough game.

 Le Mans in the world is the most prestigious, better than the United States and India 500 or any other Grand Prix, because the general endurance is only 500 to 1000km, while Le Mans about 5000km. It is also a large-scale organized gambling, and the expense of the lives of many, several automobile manufacturers to increase the cost of fame. Regardless of the Le Mans track how dangerous, regardless of the history of the number of tragedies, each Le Mans in June, was held as scheduled. Some car manufacturers at a cost of millions of dollars to win this contest, who would not easily let go of this contest to improve opportunities for the company's reputation.

Dangerous LeMans Competition
 Le Mans are the most severe test of the contest on the car's speed and endurance. Porsche, Jaguar and Mercedes Benz in 1988 to send teams to participate in the game. Prior to this, the three companies met on June 11, 1955. In that game, a shocking tragedy. Jaguar Model T to give way when driving Austin car drivers MacLean suddenly towards the side of the road, driving to Mike quickly from behind to catch up to the Mercedes-Benz 300SLR car dodge directly from Austin on rolling like shells the same as flying to the next fence, "H" a loud noise, the car bumped into two parts, and immediately caught fire, blowing the flames hit the audience dense stands, the driver was killed on the spot, and the death of 83 spectators. The race will organize relevant personnel casualties were transported to clean out the garbage, they announced that the game continues. The ultimate Jaguar racing to victory. This car also won the first prize in the 1956 and 1959 continuously. Regulations have changed since 1958, have restrictions on the racing engine displacement shall not exceed 3L. After the contest, the British-made Jaguar still no opponent. In the 1950s, Jaguar won the championship five times. Make it in the past 20 years has been renowned. To win the championship is not easy, more need to constantly strive to maintain the honor. Jaguar Depot will continue to the application of new technologies to the production car, insist on participating in the Le Mans auto race, Mercedes Benz has also developed new models, striving for the honor won this contest.
Supercharged Bentley
 Le Mans is a great test for the drivers, the FISA requires every car will only be allowed three drivers take turns driving each continuous driving time does not exceed 4h, the drivers' driving time of no more than 14h. Many well-known racing driver of Le Mans with admiration. Bo Sika Colonia, four-time Le Mans champion French driver said: "If we do not intend to participate in the Le Mans racing, can not be regarded as a real racing driver, as early as possible to find the individual line of business, like farming what the shop and go to ! "Bosi Ka Kolo's partner, veteran racer Watson and his views are not exactly the same. He said: "I think Le Mans with your good sense contrary to Indy car racing veteran Cogan said:" Generally speaking, the racers were not too afraid of the danger of the sport, even if worry, is not sitting in the car game, Le Mans is a bit unusual, not because the speed is too fast, but the long duration of high-speed, seems to be endless like, which makes you have time to think about those things that should not have to think ... the night is exactly the opposite, my brain is completely made of wood, because I was scared SOUL "Luther, the famous German driver Wenger without secret, said: "Although I've been three times to obtain the Le Mans champion, but I still hate this place! this pure roulette." Le Mans not only like a magnet to attract racers, like a demon as daunting .

Racer Experience
 Le Mans circular track length of 13. skin, most of them closed the public highway, the car in the 2/3 of its sections on the speed of 370km / h around the C group cars are generally only used about 3 1 min time will be able to finish the lap away. A period of about 6km straight on the runway, and the rapid passing of the car in this way, the speed of 390km / h. The riders in the 24h game, traveling in this way to use 6h was too nervous to feel suffocated, even the slightest negligence, the consequences are disastrous. Of course, this section of the vehicle also is the most severe test, the engine hard to bray, as if from the chassis to get free from the machine under the hood, sprang like a tire like the stove roasted to explode.
 Although the Le Mans auto race perils, but because it is one of the world's most important game, the game scores of riders to the equivalent of the World Championship three times, so continue to attract more and more Racing players parameter force.

LeMans Legend
 Throughout the history of Le Mans, before the 58th Session of the champions are European and American riders monopoly. The 59th game in 1991, blaze a dark horse a Mazda. Equipped with a rotary engine. 3 Mazda car all squeezed into the top 10, the No. 55 car Mazda 787B took first place.
 After the end of this tournament, the International Federation of Automobile Sports of decision: 1992, in addition to displacement 3. Other than a piston engine car in the SL, fitted to other engines of cars are not allowed to participate in the Le Mans 24 hours race. Equipped with a rotary engine, Mazda 7B just to win the championship would be excluded from competition. At this point, to work hard in this contest over ten years of the Mazda rotary engine, with its brilliant achievements she painted a beautiful ending.
 1992 champion again Peugeot car away, Toyota has won the runner-up. 1993, Peugeot's three 905 arranged three, filling Treasures, 4 to 6 Toyota were killed. The fierce competition in the marathon contest in 1994, June 27 car in the high temperature of inflammation strongly bolted the whole day and night until the last few minutes apiece. Driven by Dalmas / Haywood / Baldi 5 Porsche (Porsche) (Douer Porsche), only a few inches ahead; Toyota car driving from Irvine / Mortine / Krosnoff SA won the runner-up.

LeMans Hero - Audi
File:Audi R10 1.JPG
 After 2000 to 2011 11 competition, the Audi swept nine times that the Audi R8, R10 has become synonymous with the world's most successful Le Mans 24 hours endurance race car. Audi in 1999 to join the Le Mans 24 Hours. The first play of the Audi R8 car is equipped with a V8 engine with FSI petrol direct injection technology, thus creating a strong competitive advantage of low fuel consumption. Audi R8 at the sub-race exciting third place, the Audi has swept the 2000 and 2001 race winner with a 2000 newly developed R8. However, the victory did not stop there. In 2002, the Audi team staged an unprecedented hat-trick, three consecutive title in the bag. 2004 and 2005, the Audi Sport Team after legendary camel consecutive victory, the Audi R8 in the Le Mans 24 hour race in the championships! December 13 2005, Audi in Paris to the world officially unveiled the Audi R10. As the inventor of TDI ® diesel direct injection engine technology, Audi, by virtue of this section equipped with a 5.5-liter V-12 cylinder twin-turbo TDI diesel direct injection engine car to win the 2006 74th Le Mans champion Audi Le Mans history of the first manufacturers of diesel-powered cars won.

Audi Empire Destroyer - Peugeot
 In 1991, 59th Session of the race, Peugeot for the first time participating, sending 905 no5 and 905 no6, two car race, 905, although excellent in qualifying, and finally out of the race due to the instability of regret, the 1991 Le Mans 24 hours endurance race for Peugeot is the first attempt and exploration. 1992 Peugeot catch up. Peugeot sent three cars to participate in the competition in 1992, his aim was to win. In qualifying, the team resorted to last year's killer to get both cars go hand in hand. The entire game is very hard: Toyota sent five participating vehicles, two Mazda, Porsche two. The start of the race very favorable situation on the Peugeot, but the Peugeot 905No31 forced to withdraw from the game after a collision with the Toyota racing. At the moment, the Peugeot in the first camp two other car and the Mazda fight in full swing. Final Peugeot 905 no1 and no2 board champion and third place podium. In 1993, Mazda, Porsche and Jaguar have been out of the race, the only competitor of the Toyota Peugeot. 
Peugeot 24-hour race for the 1993 year to send three 905. A look forward to a long-standing fierce duel between the two teams commence. From the start of qualifying, Peugeot and Toyota racer launched wave after wave of intense confrontation, Peugeot has always maintained the advantage. This is the confrontation of the riders courage and confidence, and at night the game is still equally matched. Until the next morning came the news of the victory, Peugeot's three participating car won the race's first, second and third. Although the race, Peugeot was the stubborn resistance of the no36 car Toyota or include the top three. After this brilliant victory, Peugeot fade out of the tournament. Audi has gradually become the overlord in the Le Mans track. In 2007, Peugeot return to Le Mans, after two years of running, in 2009, Peugeot, with the obvious speed advantage to lead the whole guitar within the marks (GenéMarc,) driving the No. 9 car, after a hard 24 hours almost growled crossed the finish line to win the championship of the 77th Le Mans 24 hours endurance race, 382 laps, a total of 5206 km results. By Sebastian Bull on behalf of the (Sébastien Bourdais) driving the No. 8 car finished second. No. 1 racing in the same Outright popular Audi 6 laps behind only placing him third place, this group of French lion end Audi's long-term domination of Le Mans stadium situation.

InterContinental Le Mans Grand Prix of Zhuhai 1000 km Competitions
 Intercontinental Grand Prix in Le Mans, Le Mans Series, Le Mans Series of the Americas held with the Le Mans 24 hours race are Western Automobile Club (ACO). InterContinental Le Mans Grand Prix the new ACO in order to build a real endurance race the World Cup was founded and sponsored by the Le Mans Series competition. English name is the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup.
 In 2010, the first InterContinental Le Mans Grand Prix there will be three games, held in the three continents of Europe, the Americas and Asia. It provides a perfect platform for the "Revenge" for the poor performance of the fleet in the 2010 Le Mans 24 hour race. The first stop is the Autosport 1000 km race held at Silverstone racing circuit in the UK on September 12. The second leg of the Le Mans 10 hour race held on October 2 in Atlanta, United States road track, which is the American Le Mans station. The last leg of the first Le Mans Intercontinental Cup final, held in Zhuhai on November 7, 1000 km contest.
 In 2011, the InterContinental Le Mans Grand Prix will be expanded to seven races.
Continents competition is organized as follows: North America, two, two in Asia, Europe two, plus a remarkable seventy-ninth Le Mans 24 hour race. The classic 24-hour race will continue to be the biggest highlight of the 2011 Le Mans Intercontinental Grand Prix winning team will receive twice the points.

LeMans Speculators
 Le Mans cars were driving by 3 racer (before mid-1980 for 2 racer), and substitutions do not change the method, all the fuel, change tires and repair time are included in less than 24 hours. Finally, the mileage most racing wins, usually a day and night down, results in the best car mileage of nearly 5000 km.
 Le Mans endurance race is the longest game of the global variety of endurance time, and the players drive to constantly turn on more than 350 laps on the track of the same ring, the game is monotonous. Drivers, maintenance, or spectators, will become exhausted in the small hours of the time. The game was called the most difficult, the most boring event. Most of the audience to come to the match with a camping vehicle or tent, 30 large parking lot next to the stadium each game are full of parked 100,000 vehicles. Arena surrounded by a fully equipped dining, entertainment and leisure facilities, as well as major fleet sales generic clothing, a hat shop, so that the fans here like the holidays. Viewers can eat delicious food in the restaurant side, while watching out the window speed of more than 300 kilometers in the car sped past, which is also called unique in the racing world scenarios.

8-hour endurance race in the game of the same nature as well as Japan Suzuka (Suzuki), the Spa 24 hour race and so on.