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Rally Introduction
Rally is an automobile road events. Embankment of dirt roads, gravel roads or asphalt. Held within a country or across several countries not only to test vehicle performance and quality, but also to test the driver's driving skills, long-distance race. Competition divided into several stages within a specified date, each stage, the stage alternately connected by the driving section of a tachometer, the length of each stage is not more than 30 kilometers. The game uses a single grid method, each vehicle group consists of a pilot and a copilot. Complete all the special sections of the game time and in the travel section of the punishment time is accumulated to calculate the final results to each vehicle group, the shorter the ranking, the better. Match the driving section of the travel time will be punished strictly limited, late or early.

Rally of each race is usually three days, set aside 20-30 at SS (SpecialStage in) stages in the pre-set a good track, a minimum of three kilometers of each stage, up to 30kilometers. Racer driving the car with the fastest speed through the stage to decide the ranking in the game. Of course, the organizers of the competition must be the most stringent management of stage, in addition to the Safa Li tension, the various stages of the Rally is strictly forbidden by the passage of other vehicles. Every 2-3 minutes a car starting in each stage in the game. Rally and F1 venues such as motor racing's biggest difference is that racing drivers have staggered starting of the game is completely invisible competitors. In addition, the rally cars are equipped with a pilot sitting in the co-pilot sitting pilot by called PaceNote race route picture shows the racer to indicate the forward direction. Players under the pilot with players, despite the heavy fog filled the or sleet Cross, than most people think speed passing every bend, and ultimately be able to conquer the nature of obstacles in the shortest time to finish the race will win.

Major Races
International Rally each year with the World Rally Championship (16 points), the European Rally Championship (11 points, the coefficient of difficulty points 20/10/5/2), Asia Rally Championship (6 points), the African Rally Championship (5 stations), the Middle EastRally Championship (6 stations) and a number of major international sporting events, of course, we pull events - National Rally Championship CRC.

Rally of the organization of the International Automobile Federation (FIA)
WRC (World Rally Championship)
European Rally Championship (European Rally Championship)
European drivers Rally (European Rally Cup for Drivers)
Rally of the European region (Regional European Rally Cups)
African Rally Championship (African Rally Championship)
Middle East Rally Championship (Middle East Rally Championship)
Asia-Pacific Rally Championship (Asia-Pacific RallyChampionship)
Asia Rally Championship (Asian ZoneRallyChampionship)
Stage, the stage, driving sections, restructuring, closed car park
Phases: the car starting from the closed parking lot and return to the game after a day of closed parking lot for a stage.
Stage: is used to record the results racer racing sections. The length of each stage of 2-30 km, fully enclosed, each stage of the same pavement type (asphalt or gravel) can be reused.
Driving sections: In the event time within the control of, in addition to through routes other than the stage.
Restructuring: In order to make the game compact organization, the organizers can set up the restructuring and reorganization of areas deemed as restricted areas, control points, the competitors in the reorganization of the district stay in the entrance and exit should be located so that the entire event schedule conduct and set of competitors are playing together.
Closed Parking: in this region can not be repaired or accept outside assistance.

Levels of Division
Participate in the National Rally Championship racing need to be modified after the meet FIA and approved by the Federation of Automobile
And in accordance with the conversion level is divided into:

N: limit modified mass-produced car.
In accordance with the displacement divided into:
N1 1400cc or less (inclusive)
N2 1400cc-1600cc (inclusive)
N3 1600cc-2000cc (inclusive)
Of N4 2000cc or more
S: mass production in the People's Republic of China restrictions modified for racing.
In accordance with the displacement divided into:
S1 1000cc or less (inclusive)
S2 1000cc-1400cc (inclusive)
S3 1400cc-1600cc (inclusive)
S4 1600cc-2000cc (inclusive)
1.6L cup thousand and six (Super Cup): 1.6L Cup vehicle, regardless of group N or S car, should satisfy displacement below 1600cc, naturally aspirated, two driver's technical requirements.