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 1946, retired from the Navy shipyard Folang Si decided in the Daytona Beach gas station as collateral, the establishment of NASCAR, the predecessor of the National Racing Champions League (NCSCC), will be spread throughout theprivate car racing summarized under the control of the alliance, and the establishment of the nation's first racing points system and the winners fund.
 As long as you came to the United States, you will find that NASCAR is everywhere. NASCAR, the national sports car race (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) referred to, it would motorsport into a revolutionary era.
 NASCAR racing sport originated in the southern United States, three to four decades of the 20th century, the bootlegger traffickers often driving Speed ​​speeding on the country road, to avoid federal tax inspector hunt. With this cat and mouse game intensified, the the bootlegger dealers are trying to increase car horsepower, the transformation of automotive structures to make the car better control and easier to escape the pursuit of the federal government. Comparing Whose car the bootlegger dealers in order to run the fastest, who's the best driving skills, they begin their first racing game, which is the predecessor of NASCAR competition.
 Racing success in the modern sense, can be attributed to a person - Bill Franceville (Bill.France,,), he is both an excellent driver, but also an excellent mechanic. In 1938, Bill France was successfully organized on behalf of child care Beach car race, then he begins to start planning another, bigger victory - organized by the National Racing Championship. Because of lack of support of the American Automobile Association, Frans plan almost died at, so he decided to set up their own organizations, through continuous planning and improvement, NASCAR officially established under the auspices of February 15, 1948.
 More than half a century of wasted time, today, was a great success. NASCAR organization of about 2,000 games a year. The competition is divided into 12 separate series, held in the country's 100 multiple venues. NASCAR's number of members of more than 50,000 people, including part of the world's best drivers, mechanics and team bosses. Each year more than 150,000,000 viewers watch the game.

 In 1946, retired from the Navy shipyard Folang Si decided to gas stations in the Daytona Beach as collateral established NASCAR predecessor of the National Racing Champions League (NCSCC), will be scattered around the private car racing summarized under the control of the Union, and the establishment of the nation's first racing points system and the winners fund. The following year, the party of the bootlegger traders from Georgia Deaver Locke became the NCSCC first national championship in the operation of the success of these finally Folang Si can be established on the basis of the NCSCC the NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car the Auto Racing and sports car competition ), one beyond the governing body on top of all drivers, team owners and sponsors.
   NASCAR After half a century of development, NASCAR has become one of the world's most famous motor racing, has an irreplaceable position in the United States, NASCAR does not go the elite route, in order to ensure fairness of competition, control costs, and made strict demands on the NASCAR vehicles on the competition, and to develop a rigorous inspection system, even the weight of the rider, the driver must weight less than 200 pounds on the car, extra weight 10-15 pounds, more than 40 vehicles the car, no one may become a champion. The game filled with an endless stream of passing the lens, very exciting. More important is that NASCAR racing is often the models sold by car manufacturers in the market. After watching the game, fans can immediately stormed throughout the dealerships throughout the United States, buying the most similar models with the winning car. Understanding of the word "racing", the Americans and Europeans are also a big difference. The offspring have eyes in childhood grew up eating fast food pioneers, Imola, Monte Carlo or Spa-Francorchamps as continuous chicane and "speed" motor sport is simply contrary to the core. "Circle around the oval track, silly run" (former F1 driver Jean Alesi language) NASCAR events is perhaps the epitome of motorsport.
 The first race of each season in NASCAR, "Daytona 500" was called "the great American racing. NASCAR organized every year more than 2000 games, these games are divided into 12 separate series, in over 100 venues nationwide. Each year more than 150 million viewers to the site to watch the NASCAR game. So far, the number of members for NASCAR has more than 50,000 people, including the world's best drivers and mechanics.

NASCAR's 12 Competitions
Winston Cup
NASCAR's premier events, is the world's most competitive racing, the main models of competition for the Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Ford card racing birds and Pontiac. In the game, you can see the greatest drivers to experience the most thrilling outs.
Busch Series
The game after the Winston Cup attendance and prize money. It uses racing car and Winston are very similar, just horsepower value slightly lower weight than the latter one hundred pounds lighter, shorter length of 5 inches.
Carftsman Truck Series Race
Compact and light trucks in the United States is very popular, so the race fans it also respected the extreme. This game is intense competition, all participating light goods vehicles are modified in accordance with requirements similar to the Winston Cup.
The Wiston Racing Series
NASCAR weekly in more than 100 short-layer circuit across the country to organize the game. The series is divided into ten Division, by the points system to all of the Division together the end of each year, each Division to produce a champion, and on this basis, the national championship.
Winston West Series
Held on the track in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington state. It uses the vehicle and the Winston Cup is quite similar - in fact, west of Winston Cup race driver in each of the two Winston Cup drivers race
Busch North Series
In the northern states were held, is considered one of the fastest growing game
Busch full-Star Game
Only the race of the NASCAR organization held a gravel track, in the Midwest states such as Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota, he held.
Featherilte Southwest Tour
This series has more than 20 games a year, mainly held in the arena of the southwest. Many of these games, and Winston, Carftsman Truck Series race held at the same time.
Reb-Co Northwest Tour
This series and the Featherlite southwest Tour of the difference is that it is held in the northwest.
Featherlite Modified Tour
NASCAR's oldest event, and is the only fender racing competition. Held in the northwestern United States, the car used by the game are modified car.
Slim Jim All Pro Series
Held in the southeastern United States and Indiana and Missouri.
Goody's Dash Series event
The tournament will use the four-cylinder engine mini-cars, have eight competition in the short track and super track, NASCAR's entry-level competitions.

 NASCAR attractive features of its stadium, an excellent venue to provide drivers with a play space, so that they can be free to manipulate their own car; provide a good atmosphere for racing fans, so that they can understand to motorsport charm.
 What makes NASCAR racing so popular movement in the United States? The motorsport ratings far more than baseball, basketball and football, what is unique about it? On the one hand, the United States is a country on wheels, and almost every adult will be driving, it is easy to identify with the car, racing fans will be happy to own a car DIY into except for a table outside and almost the same car and racing. The car is different from other sports, its shape, weight does not have any special requirements, people can be free as the car sped to imagine the scene driving Speed. On the other hand, the human beings since ancient times longing for adventure racing, a huge noise, ground vibration, flying dust and maneuvering speed, give the audience a strong shock, people experience the spectacular of which the process is filled with adventure. This is any other sport can match.
People watching the game can not be excited, great on the track side by side with the 42 car in the bright exterior hides the roar of 700 horsepower to stimulate the emotions of the people, see, in the 57-lap race, a ride flying cars pinned their dreams of racing on the track, racing's leading position constantly updated, the first who would be? Gradually reduce the number of race laps, the hearts of the audience was turned up higher and higher, the excitement and tension of also increasingly approximately close to the peak, the thrilling game, how exciting, there is always the unexpected, the results at the end of the game before and never to be seen. Time in the last lap of the game, the stadium was quiet, the number of racing side by side Qi drive, people are anxiously waiting for the results. After the results came out, the audience their emotions will enjoy the release, thanks to the car to bring them joy.
 Before the start of each game, the drivers are always careful, careful preparation of the upcoming game, racing to bring them once again challenged the action in the game is unimaginable. Assumptions about the situation at the time, if you are a racing driver, in a very short period of time to accelerate to 100km / h from 100km / h speed added to the 160km / h, and then continues to accelerate or maintain speed forward, you around 41 racing car, too, sometimes every car within a few inches! Any mistakes are fatal.
 NASCAR sports a simple introduction to this, the three major U.S. auto companies are racing to develop the best models to participate in the competition to NASCAR driver, such as Ford's Ford Thunderbird, GM's Chevrolet SSR, in addition to Beyond this, there are depots such as DODGE, CHEVROLET depot for NASCAR production high-performance cars. The further development of the NASCAR racing sports is inseparable with the development of the global auto industry, with the advances in technology, we will feel more and more great fun car to bring to our lives.