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Franklin Mint 1/24 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 RS Hardtop Red

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Item #: B11E849
In 1967, the first Camaro® was born. This landmark year also introduced the first Camaro® powered with the famed Z/28® engine option which launched Camaro® to numerous first-place SCCA victories, even winning its first Trans Am appearance at Marlboro. 
 We have captured the essence of this Muscle Car monument with our first 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 RS hardtop diecast replica. Every significant detail has been faithfully reproduced in this diecast car, from the unmistakable pony-style body lines right down to the working headlight doors and 800 cfm Holley Carburetor. 
 In the mid-1960s, Ford and Chrysler pony-style cars were dominating the performance car market and the SCCA Trans-Am racing circuit. Additionally, cars like the Mustang and Barracuda were capturing the attention of both weekend racers and hot-rodders alike. GM needed something with a light curb weight and enough horsepower to grab its share of the pony car market and compete in the Trans-Am racing circuit. They answered with the 1967 Camaro®. The birth of the Camaro® was a landmark in Muscle Car history. From its low, aggressive profile to the high-performance engine options, this pony would ride straight into the hearts of sports car fans for decades to come. 
 Vince Piggins, Chevrolet’s® Product Promotion Manager, convinced GM to combine parts from the 283 cubic inch engine with the 327 small block and a solid lifter cam with a 4-inch bore, creating a 302.3 displacement engine just under the 305 cubic inch SCCA race requirement....and the Z28® option was born. 
The engine was rated 290hp. Many claimed the rating misleading, placing actual hp closer to 400! To this day, the discrepancy remains a point of contention. But one thing is certain...the Z28® packed enough punch to consume the quarter-mile in less than 15 seconds. The Z28® won its first Trans-Am race at Marlboro, Maryland, getting the checkered flag ahead of Mustang, 'Cuda and Javelin, and continued to be a winner for years to come. 
 Now, this automotive diecast icon of the Sixties is yours in a 1:24 scale diecast model car as awesome as the original. This diecast car has an impressive power plant under the hood and the classic striped detailing. This magnificant diecast model car even has the Bolero Red paint scheme. Your 1967 Chevrolet® Camaro Z/28® RS® diecast car is a precision-engineered classic that will be admired for many years to come.

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