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Exoto 1/18 AC Cobra 260 1962 The First Painted Car Pearl Yellow RLG18123

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Exoto #: RLG18123
From the moment the Shelby AC 260 was first tested in Feb 1962, the car SHelby Name 'Cobra' fulfilled a promise which made it nearly mythical. Light, extremely powerful, well-balanced, and extraordinarily beautiful, the car proved that an excellent engine and an equal chassis could be designed on different continents for different purposes, and yet be combined to make a world-beater. The first painted Cobra is presented here for the enjoyment of Exoto's patrons. In Feb 1962, the first 260 was completed in Santa Fe Springs, CA, and driven the very same day. It was soon necessary to promote the new car and automotive press was thrilled to be of service. John Christy, editor of sports car graphic has an inside line, having helped to make the Cobra possible, and having driven it the day of its completion- reputedly seeking Corvettes to challenge! Before he published, however, the car was painted Pearl Yellow and shipped to NY Auto Show in March 1962. It caused a great stir, yielding enough deposits to fund production. Within two months, the car was repainted to a number of times in various colors and offered to the journalists who believed there was a stable of production units, but it was the incomparable Pearl Yellow that became legend.

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