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Item #: 88376
The Super Silhouette cars accorded with FIA Group 5 standards as seen on various race cars in Europe and elsewhere. In Japan the Super Silhouette races were held as part of the Fuji Grand Chamionship Series and ran from 1979 to 1984. The fact that the Super Silhouette races were so popular among race fans is not surprising when you take a look at how unconventional the cars were.
There were very few regulations when it came to the Super Silhouette cars themselves. Essentially they only had to have the same "silhouette" and basic chassis as the production cars (hence the name). Beyond these points everything else was fair game.
The most famous of the Nissan Super Silhouette cars, the DR30 Skyline, was driven by Masahiro Hasemi, a famous racing driver synonymous with the Nissan brand. This version was powered by a 570ps 4-Valve DOHC lnline-4 LZ20B race engine with turbo charge and had a larger front spoiler, rear wing and wide fender. It sported the red and black design used on the RS street car.
Hasemi drove it to two victories in the 1982 racing season, five in 1983 and two in 1984. The Super Silhouette car was facelifted in 1983, with the late version arriving without a grill and nicknamed Tekamen or Iron Mask by fans because of its distinctive look.
Other differences mainly concerned the wheels (BBS or SSR) and small aero parts on the rear wing.

This model is made up of 413 separate metal and plastic parts, including photo-etched plates, metal wiring, screws and nuts.

- Fuctioning doors and bonnets open with precision and close with perfect fit.
- Metal mesh air-vent.
- Metal aerial on the roof.
- Detachable brake ventilators on both front and rear wheels.
- Realistic photo-etched metal plate brake disc rotors.
- Opening fuel filler cover.
- Fully decorated rear trunk.
- The engine's complex oil cooling and fuel delivery system have been reproduced in great detailed.
- Rubber cooling pipes for braking system.
- Fully decorated and detailed interior.
- Realistic painted lamp cover. Concealed lamp cover fitting.
- Metal chassis reproduced in great detailed.
- Replicated helmet.
- A terry cloth and a magnifier are included.

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