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In May 1989, Nissan unveiled the 8th generation of Nissan Skyline GTR (R32), 16 years after its previous GTR. The R32 instantly captured deserved triumph in the motor sports world and acclaim from auto enthusiasts. Produced from 1989 until late 1994, the R32 measures 4545 mm in length, 1755 mm in width and 1340 mm in height, making it the smallest and lightest of all its successors. The powerplant is a race-designed 2568cc-in-line 6 cylinder DOHC engine armed with two ceramic turbochargers and intercoolers that deliver 280 horsepower. In order to effectively transmit this tremendous power to the wheels, the car incorporates Nissan's original ATTESA E-TS variable torque-split 4-wheel-drive train and s SUPER-HICAS 4-wheel-steering system. Powerful ventilated disk brakes all around with 4-pot front calipers ensure no fade stopping performance. The massive front and rear blister fenders, along with a large intercooler opening in the front air dam and large rear spoiler sculpture the aggressive body styling. The hood and fenders are made of aluminum for weight saving. The Skyline GTR (R32) dominated in the racing world by winning practically Group A races, defeating the long dominancy of European racing cars such as BMW M3 and Ford Sierra Cosworth. It was nicknamed "Godzilla' in Australia because of its invincible Racing record from 1990 to 1992. All the GTRs were only built right-hand-drive, so the car has never been sold officially in the USA or Europe.

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