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Exoto 1/18 #70 Hawaiian Tropic 1979 Porsche 935 Twin-Turbo Red RLG19100

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Exoto #: RLG19100

Any one person who endeavors to run a 4-car team at Le Mans and also share driving duties deserves credit, of that there is no doubt. Dick Barbour is just such a man: a talented team owner and skilled Porsche 935 driver. In 1978 he had shared his red #90 Hawaiian Tropic-sponsored 935 with John Paul and Brian Redman. Together they scored a 5th overall finish, first in the IMSA class. The two-car team in 1978 grew to four cars in 1979: three cars carrying Hawaiian Tropic sponsorship (red #70, yellow #71 and blue #72) plus the #73 Wynn car that joined the team at the last minute.

Teamed with Porsche factory driver Rolf Stommelen and the great American actor Paul Newman, Barbour again blew away the IMSA class competition in 1979. Most impressive was the performance of the trio to cross the line in second position overall!

Deciding to send Stommelen out on new tires was a fatal mistake: a stuck wheel nut cost #70 a full 23 minutes!
Deciding to send Stommelen out on new tires was a fatal mistake: a stuck wheel nut cost #70 a full 23 minutes!

Stommelen was undoubtedly the quickest of the team's drivers, but at Le Mans the success or failure of a car is a team effort, and the team functioned near flawlessly! Newman made use of an escape road at the end of Mulsanne at 4:30am, and Barbour left the track at 6:45am, but no damage was done. The eventual race winner stopped out on course Sunday morning while Don Whittington attempted repairs, costing the leader an hour before the #41 car made it back to the pits. After a few laps Barbour decided to send their ace, Stommelen, out to reel in an overall victory! Sadly, a necessary brake pad change cost the team 23 excruciating minutes due to a stuck wheel nut.Stommelen finally got going and pushed for all he was worth. Overall victory was not to be. The #41 Kremer "Numero Reservé" car pulled back on the track shortly after and held on for the win. The #40 Kremer 935 had also pulled itself up to challenge for position. Paul Newman, competing at Le Mans for the first time, was naturally delighted with the victory, as was Barbour! All in all it was a remarkable performance from the team and their dead stock Porsche 935 Turbo.

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