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Exoto 1/18 Nissan R89C Team #85 "Men

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Exoto #: RLG88103
Driven by Wada/Olofsson/Sala
1990 is the year that Nissan decided to pull out all the stops, keen to add Le Mans to its list of achievements, as so many manufacturers had set out to do before. No fewer than seven Nissans would contest the great race: five factory-backed R90 models, rounded out by a pair of R89Cs entered by the well known French "Courage" and Japanese "Team Le Mans" crews.

The R89C had suffered at Le Mans from having a suspension setup too much like an F1 car. Improved suspension benefiting from longer travel and much fine-tuning following close collaboration between Lola (the chassis manufacturer) and Dunlop, plus some aerodynamic changes (most notably a plate on the nose and open rear wheels) had kept the R89Cs in contention.

The Team Le Mans car sported the distinctive silver-grey livery of Men's Tenoras, a Japanese men's fashion collection. Employed to share the driving duties were three gentlemen who competed regularly in Japan: Takao Wada, Anders Olofsson, and Perez Sala. Each man was undoubtedly capable, and the trio managed to qualify ahead of a factory R90CK!
When taken in isolation, the ignition problems that car #85 suffered early on weren't terribly dramatic, but in the face of factory Nissan, Jaguar and Porsche entries that were maintaining a blistering pace, the setbacks seemed insurmountable. Determination and talent kept the "Men's Tenoras" car in the fight and well ahead of the other R89C. Sadly, electrical problems finally put and early end to the race as the morning sun rose.¬ But few who were there will soon forget the sight and sounds of the most handsome car in the field!

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